employee communications & training…

A comprehensive and solid employee communications program can help set a corporate direction, heal a fractured organization and increase employee morale and productivity. Corporate change and uncertainty can take a toll on staff morale. Lack of employee understanding about the business can slow or sabotage change, despite everyone’s best efforts.

At Spirou & Associates we help clients develop and implement proactive employee communications programs that explain the rationale for business decisions in compelling terms. Overwhelmingly, research shows that employees most value one-on-one discussions with their supervisors. Our communications training programs give managers and supervisors the skills they require to effectively address corporate issues face to face with staff.


• Gathering and monitoring employee opinions and feedback
• Creating an employee communications strategy to support the corporate vision and goals
• Developing a range of employee communications tools and tactics including: employee newsletters, videos, internet sites, broadcast fax and voice mail
• Organizing and delivering team building events
• Building and internal communications network
• Designing and delivering communication training and customer service programs