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Kim Spirou Crisis ManagementHow an organization handles a crisis can make or break its image and reputation. Mishandling a crisis can be more damaging than the actual event. Spirou & Associates has successfully managed communications in a wide variety of situations including public health and safety issues, major legal issues, friendly and hostile mergers and labour difficulties.

Potential damaging events require an organized response that is based on an in-depth knowledge of the problem, clearly developed and realistic positions, an effective communications plan addressing all stakeholders, and thorough follow-up. We know how to work closely as a team with management and other outside advisors. The best way to survive and thrive after a crisis is to be prepared before one hits. We work with organizations to develop an effective crisis response plan and communications strategies and systems.

While no two crises will be the same, a well-planned communications framework saves valuable time and helps ensure that employees, organization leaders and other key audiences are kept informed.


• Conducting a crisis preparedness audit
• Developing a crisis response plan
• Creating communications systems that ensure that key audiences are kept informed
• Designing messages for key audiences
• Identifying and training media spokespeople
• Serving as clients’ spokesperson